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As a seller, auctions are the best way to accomplish two important goals. First of all, if you have a quality item, you will most likely get a higher sales price due to the competitive nature of auctions. Every person at an auction has the opportunity to purchase the item, provided that they are the highest bidder. Outside the auction process, they would most likely offer a less competitive price or attempt to negotiate a lower price. Auctions are the best method of setting prices on items being offered for sale. Knowing what price to set on an item being offered for sale is difficult. If you set it too high, it won't sell. If you set the price too low, it will sell quickly and someone will make a profit on the resale. This is especially true of unusual or unique items. Auctions help establish the true value of an item. If you are thinking of consigning merchandise but are unsure about whether or not your items would sell well, here are Fred's suggestions of items that sell best.

Another advantage to selling at auction is that all items offered for sale will be sold. At an auction, unless an item that has been placed on Reserve Consignment does not sell, there are no leftover items. This is especially important when you consider the high cost of handling and storage. Items placed in storage become stagnant. The cost of keeping these items safe from loss and damage can be considerable. There isn't any money generated from items kept in storage.

Fred's Auction Gallery offers many services to help consignors get the most for their items! There is always a certain level of risk when one sells at Auction. It is very important that one be ready to sell, and willing to accept the results- win, lose or draw.

If you have decided to consign merchandise at Fred's Auction Gallery, please review our fees and general rules, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Your business is very important to us!