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  • Full accountability for all items consigned! You will receive full credit for all items consigned to us. Our inventory control system assures that each item is properly coded and proper ownership is double checked to ensure full payment on all items consigned to us. Fred has provided customers with honest and reputable service for over 20 years!

  • Complete, professional moving and packing of all items.

  • Professional contacts, advertising on the internet, advertising in trade journals, phone contacts, and mailings.

  • Access to our extensive buyer list. We find the buyers and collectors!

  • Personal insurance for all items for damage or loss. Fred's is bonded and we will secure and safeguard your merchandise from the moment we take possession.

  • 100% Transaction Security. Once an item is sold, you are guaranteed payment (except if an item is held for left bid or phone bid and the buyer reneges, in which case, the item must be resold at a later auction). Fred's offers check cashing, credit card services, complete handling of sales taxes and accurate record keeping. Consignors are paid within 30 days from the auctions closing date (except for legitimate complaints, refunds, or held items).

  • Professional display: Fred will display your merchandise so as to maximize selling potential. The auctioneer is a specialist in this area, and will hold back on certain items if there are too many similar items for sale in that week's auction. Chances are the item will bring a better price in a well rounded auction with a variety of items. Fred utilizes book racks, locked display cases, tray and cart lots, table lots, rug and quilt stands, postal card displays and much more!

  • Related services include: quality repair and cleaning of items as well as storage for quick removal of personal property (fees vary).