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    *Each lot consigned will be subject to a $10 minimum fee if commission fees do not total $10 or more.
  • Web Auctions -
    Each item or lot sold for less than $40.00 = 50%.
    Each item or lot sold between $40.00 and $99.00 = 30%.
    Each item or lot sold over $100.00 = 20%.

    * All items must be clean and ready to sell. Any item in need of assembly, cleaning, touch-ups, repair, and/or anything necessary to display an item properly...will be charged a minimum fee of $5.00, right off the top, before commission!

    * There is a special handling fee for extra large items.
    Each item or lot sold will be charged a minimum of $30.00, regardless of the selling price.

    * If there is a reserve placed on the item or lot, there will also be an additional surcharge of $20.00, regardless if the item sells or not!

  • Live Auctions -
    Rates vary based on situation.

  • eBay Sales -
    Each item that is consigned, is charged a minimum $20.00 or 30% per item (whichever is higher).
    If there is a reserve placed on the item, there will be an additional surcharge of $5.00, regardless if the item sells or not!

  • All Consigned Items for any Auction and/or eBay -
    A $20.00 withdrawal fee (per item), will be charged to consignors who request a consignment be returned or withdrawn from any sale, at any time after the auctioneer takes possession of the consignment for any future auction.


Please note the following additional negotiable fees that may be charged:

  • Pick-up Fees - are added over and above the standard commission. Each situation is different and pick-up charge will be negotiated depending on the item and expense required to professionally and safely package and transport the item to the auction gallery.

  • Storage Fees - in some cases, storage for large lots may be required if removal is urgent and items are not likely to sell at the next auction.

  • Repair and Cleaning Fees - all items sold at auction must be useable and presentable. We can re-condition most items to make them presentable for sale.

  • Special Handling Fees - may be charged for large items or items which require a lot of floor space or extensive handling.