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If you want to sell items at auction, it is very important to understand the conditions that determine success. Remember the following: Some items will do exceptionally well while some items do very poorly. Not every item should be sold at auction.

The best items for auction meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. OLD-the older the better. Collectible or antique.
  2. ATTRACTIVE- to the eye. The image the item portrays- quality, material, artistry
  3. CONDITION- perfect is perfect- anything less keeps serious bidders away.
  4. UNIQUE- something special, one of a kind.
  5. DESIRABLE- supply and demand. How many buyers want it? How often is one up for sale?
  6. USEFULNESS- not the best measure, but it improves the chances others will be interested.

*Note: These criteria usually indicate the best chance of an item bringing competitive bids and a high price. Other factors are "like new", "never used", and "still in box." Large items are harder to sell than smaller items.