Condition Ratings

1. This item(s) has value for its component parts or potential only. It is basically good for parts or will require extensive restoration. It is not fully intact or useable.

2. This item(s) is barely useable and has issues. It is far from perfect. It may be missing pieces. Either a shelf piece or a handyman special.

3. This item(s) is somewhat useable but has damage, or shows extensive wear and tear. It will require some repair or restoration, but it is mostly intact.

4. Mostly intact but may be missing some parts. Will require work but is restorable.

5. This item(s) is what you might expect from age and wear and tear. A useable item that has been used! Not perfect. Shows wear and tear but still serves its purpose. Not for the picky buyer. No major problems. Has all its parts. May have a home shop repair or is rough on the edges.

6. This item(s) is in useable condition. May show wear and tear or have a tiny chip or fleck, a minor crack, crazing, or a poor finish. In short, it is not perfect, but it is all right. Nothing major wrong.

7. This item(s) is in useable, mostly good condition. Some parts or pieces may have a minor blemish(s). May show some wear but no major problems. Is complete and intact.

8. This item(s) is solid, useable, and intact. Could show slight signs of age or use. Could need minor cleaning, but okay.

9. This item(s) is near perfect. Acceptable by most standards. A category for the picky buyer. Otherwise this piece could be considered perfect.

10. Perfect - as good as new!